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Panasonic laser diodes, red, infrared, visible, invisible, 660nm_440nm_450nm_460nm_478nm, rot, infrarot laser dioden by Emitronic


With headquarters in USA, branch in China CombinLasers has been established to provide its clients superior services to provide them reduced cost and increased profits on time, on demand globally.

With our experienced representatives we are ensuring that our clients receive the moste effective and professional services.

We are serving quite a lot clients in all over the world with our competitive pricing, fast delivery service and our extensive industry knowledge in order to meet individual needs of our clients.

We have wide range of laser diode products which we are highly expert on.

We are ideal choice for laser diodes and we always would like to be your long term laser diode supplier.


The mission of CombinLasers is to be leading supplier of laser diodes to the industries and specific equipment designers. We care of all inquiries comes from clients and respond them with best effective solutions.

Thank you for visiting the site and for your interest in Combinlasers Photon.


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